Storage Solutions

As a part of our ever growing infrastructure and offerings to our customers, Essential Fuels has embarked in finding different storage solutions to suit the different needs of our customers.

Mobile Storage Facility

We use a tried and tested method, currently used on more than one location for close to two years, mobile storage of fuel. The method consists out of a swop out between Bulk Trailers used to transport bulk fuel to locations such as CPT International.

In the method, once fuel is required, a fully loaded Tanker/Trailers will be left on site (Airport) until such Trailer is empty. The empty Trailer will then be swopped with a full Trailer again. This eliminates maintenance on site that may cause down times and if the Trailer is in the way, can easily be moved to a location better suited.

As a part of our services, do not only offer storage facilities but equipment along with it unique to every customer's requirements. All storage units and equipment used are qualified for Jet A1 fuel, certified and guaranteed of quality.

Other Methods:

Here at essential Fuels we recognise individual the needs of our customers, thus we offer many more than just one storage solution depending on all factors of the situation.

We also offer the following types of storage: