Aviation Refuelling

Essential Fuels is a SACAA registered agent. Whereas we accumulate SACAA Levi's on a monthly basis and submit our returns to SACAA. This also enables us to deduct SACAA fuel Levi's directly for any registered SACAA tax payer, such as Scheduled Flight Operators. Essential Fuels offers Jet A1 Fuel, Avgas and a variety of services within the Aviation Industry of which one is Into Plane Refuelling.

Competitive Edge

As an experienced Ad Hoc and Scheduled flight re-fuelling agent, into plane fuelling is our biggest line of business. We take pride in the knowledge that our fuel prices are hard to match by any other fuel supplier in South Africa, and so our customer service. We offer our customers a 24 hour standby line, including weekends, and Public Holidays, in case of emergencies or any delays caused by fuelling agents on the Airports, to ensure no delays in flights.

Time is Money

Due to the fine tuning of our service, we can ensure a 30 minute response time, complete with releases to any urgent fuel requirements by our customers. With an ample global reach of Airports, Essential Fuels can cater to all the needs of our customers on almost every fuelling point required. Our main fuel suppliers are Total, Shell, Chevron and Sasol.

Fuel Standards

Product quality and constant availability is a major concern for us to be able to give the best services that we possibly can to our customers everywhere in the world that we can. Thus, due to the fact that they do not take product quality and services lightly, our main supplier is Air Total (see attached Letter of Support).

All of our fuel complies with all specifications (spec sheet available if required) set on Jet A1 Fuel which are:

Thus, by meeting the requirements set by any customer in the industry

Fuel Request Process

Global Reach

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